Mission & Vision Statements

Mission Statement

Balsasud is a family-held group that aims to provide the composites and model industries with only the very best Balsa Wood in the world at the best prices and in a responsible and sustainable manner. At the same time we work very hard to continuously improve and provide our customers with a remarkable customer service experience. Our everyday goal is to make a difference in our specific markets with our “end-grain” balsa core material and model grade products by providing unbeatable value in the industry.

Vision Statement

The target is to be recognized by our customers for being a company that follows rigorous business ethics practices with all the stakeholders involved, and for our focus in exceeding our customers’ expectations.

Our long term goal is to take admirable care of our employees and suppliers with a friendly working atmosphere, and to establish long lasting relationships and partnerships with all of our customers by providing them with high-quality at reasonable prices, therefore offering incomparable value.

We intend to achieve our objectives by manufacturing our products with state of the art equipment and always in conformance with our strict quality standards, which are unique in the industry, to ensure that our products are guaranteed to be Number 1 in Quality, always.