What is Balsawood

Balsa Wood is a light but strong type of wood. Scientifically named Ochroma pyramidale, this type of tree grows typically in Central America and South America. The trees can rapidly grow to up 30 meters tall (100 Feet). Balsa Wood is characterized for having excellent strength to weight ratios. Its excellent compressive strength and shear strength make it an ideal core material for the Composites industry. It is the oldest and strongest core material. In addition to the strength to weight ratio advanage, it comes from a renewable source.

Balsa Wood is kiln-dried and industrialized to obtain End-Grain Balsa Core Material, which is used in many different applications that require to be lightweight but still with high performance. These industries are: Aerospace, Marine, Wind, Transportation, Tub & Shower, Flooring & Panelling and Construction. Balsa Wood is also vastly used in the Model Grade industry to make model aircraft and other model equipment. Another large application for Balsa Wood is the surfing industry.

Balsa Wood is currently used in commercialized in every continent for various uses.